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Big news …. don't worry about the "temporarily out of stock" … it's AVAILABLE for pre-order.

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What Does THIS Have to do with Prince??????


What's Inside??????

Prince Images_0014

Handwritten note from Prince ….. hmm - wonder what's inside?????


Both the trade paperback and the hardcover versions are now approved. What does that mean???? I can start the printing process and get the distributor to start promoting the title to book dealers around the world (and on the internet). We will make the release date of December 14th. At this point, not sure how many outlets will have the book on release day but I'll continue to keep you posted.

Book Update

A quick update on the book. My editor is expecting a Proof Copy today. We hope there will only be minor adjustments, allowing us to keep the release date of December 14th for both the Trade Paperback and the Hardcover edition.

Once we give the go-ahead to the distributor, they start their work, making it available to all their bookstores and online (including Amazon) outlets. As they progress, I will keep everyone notified both here and on the Facebook book page of where the book can be purchased.

"I Said Hello"

Brisbane tix copy

Sign O the Times -- Movie Screenings

Sign invite small

Now, coming out again …. original special invite

The BIG Appearance


1979 at the famous ROXY in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip

Hidden Treasures of Paisley Park


the book features pictures of many unseen areas of Paisley Park in the 1980's. This is just one small corner of a garage packed with all sorts of goodies