How many times have you taken a photo, thinking it was just right? Then, later, you realise the horizon isn’t straight, there’s something in the corner of the picture, redeye, or you’re fighting tough light?

I can fix so your images are the best they can be. Design fee INCLUDES:

  • Take the Redeye out
  • Straighten images
  • crop for best effect (based on your approval)
  • Basic colour balance (if more is involved, I'll let you know and what the additional fee will be for the photoshopping needed)

Here are some “before and after” images....
You’d be amazed at some of the dramatic differences “post production” can make! The "before and after" images here are just a sample of what's included in the base design price.

The original image above is dark and image is crooked. In the "after" image, it has been straightened and brightened up so the colours and details of this exquisite arcade in Paris can be appreciated!

VERY tilted image here!. In the "after" image, it's straightened so the eye can appreciate the image, NOT be drawn to how slanted it is!

While there is less slant to the horizon, it still takes away from the viewing of the image. SO many images leave the crooked horizons in which spoil the picture! I straighten any image which needs it.


Sometimes an image just doesn't work but you still want to use it.
Via Photoshopping and “painting”, you can end up with
some pretty terrific images for a different look!
This only gives you a quick look at some examples.
Obviously, depending on the image, many other options are available.
(Please note that this additional work is charged separately)

Sometimes an image looks great with "paint effects"

The light was very flat when this photo was taken. In order to give the image “pop”, a new sky was added via Photoshop

A 30-year-old photograph which just looked “old”. For a bit of a different approach, I turned the image into a sepia photo, giving it the effect that it had been taken at least 100 years ago!

A simply beautiful image but with distracting background. I used one of my hundreds of backgrounds to give it a classic feel. The client had it made into a canvas art hanging

Taken at sunrise, the fishing boat was caught in the foreground darkness. Using a "spotlight" effect, there's more definition in the sun rays and the boat appears to be caught in those rays, making a much more striking image.

A faded, and torn picture over a century old is salvaged for a Family History photo book

Torn and colour faded, a bit of TLC brings this photo back to life.