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Below is a small sampling of the photographs I have taken on my travels. For a complete gallery, please go to:

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Morocco (coming soon)
Scandanavia (coming soon)


African Sunset - Okavango Delta in Botswana
The Mighty Lion
Elephants travelling
A Long Tree at sunset in Botswana
Leopard after a catch
An Elephant eyeing us in Botswana
Mokoro ride in the Okanvango Delta
Giraffes at Sunset
Sossusvlei Dunes in Namibia
Flapnecked Chamelion
Mighty Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Elephants Coming Straight at us
Deadvlei in Namibia
Sunset on the Delta - Botswana
Bo Kaap in Capetown, So Africa



Here We Come!  A group of King Penguins on South Georgia
Salisbury Plain - expansive South Georgia
Dusted Mountains - Antarctic
Blue on Blue -- the Antarctic
The Old Boat - Antarctic
Preening - a gorgeous King Penguin in the Antarctic
Mother Feeding Chick
Beautiful Seal Pup
Wilderness of South Georgia
Rusted Out - old whaling boats at Grytviken, South Georgia
Posers - A  group of seals on Prion Island, South Georgia
Wrong Way Charlie - Gentoo penguins on South Georgia
Stromness Whaling Station - known in history as the whaling station Shakleton hiked to in order to save his men
Lazy Days - a seal in the waters of South Georgia



Zodiacs in the Arctic
Cold Arctic
Flower Field in Iceland
Dark and Stormy
Norwegian Fjord
Honnigsvag, Norway
Honnigsvag, Norway 2
NyAlesund, Svalbard
Arctic Beauty
Heading Off
Beautiful Puffin
Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik, Iceland
Got an Itch
Concert Hall, Reykjacik, Iceland
Norwegian Farmland
Just Curious
Got an Itch
Curious Reindeer



Serenity - Lake Inle, Mynamar
Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon, Myanmar
Fishermen on Lake Inle - Myanmar
Fishing at Sunrise - Myanmar
Buddhist Monk - Myanmar
Lake Inle Fishermen - Myanmar
Monsoon - Cambodia
Young Monk - Myanmar
Heading Home in the Rain - Cambodia
Kuthodaw Pagoda - Myanmar
Ta Phrom - Cambodia
Preparing Breakfast - Myanmar
Young Monk - Bagan, Myanmar
Young Monks - Myanmar
The "Eye" Boats keeping the evil spirits away on the Mekong River, Vietnam
Praying - Myanmar
Boats at U Bien Bridge, Myanmar
U Bien Bridge - Myanmar
Subway in Hong Kong
Olympic Stairs - Hong Kong
Soho District - Hong Kong
Market at Ca Be, Vietnam
Cambodian Musician
Angkor Wat Temple - Cambodia
Singapore Skyline
Candle Dishes at Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon, Myanmar
Receiving Breakfast - Myanmar



Sydney Opera House during VIVID SYDNEY
Cape York, Australia
The Wrecks at Tangalooma Island, Australia
Street Art - Freemantle, Australia
Outback Sunset - Queensland, Australia
Beach Huts - Victoria, Australia
Sydney Opera House at Sunrise
Rainy Day in Melbourne
Vivid Sydney
Abrolhos Islands off the western coast of Australia
Grafitti Everywhere! - alleyways in Melbourne
Mighty Falls - King George, the Kimberly, Australia
Aboriginal Woman
Aboriginal Dancer 1
Aboriginal Dancer 2
Empty Warehouse - Melbourne
Lizard Island - Queensland, Australia
Beautiful Beach - Parradise Bay, Western Australia
Sumptuous Trees - Lizard Island, Australia
The Kimberlys, Western Australia
The Kimberlys, Western Australia
Going Home - Cable Beach, Western Australia
I SEE You!
Hiking - Campbell Island, New Zealand
Church Spire - Dunedin, NZ



Basket of Tulips
Red Spire
Blue Crested Pigeon
Friendly Galah
Field of Tulips
After the Rain
Spray of Red
White Pine cones
Red Parrot having a Snack
Janais Patch butterfly
Box of Flowers
Graceful Flamingos
Lilac Breasted Roller bird - Botswana
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Cethosia Hypsea butterfly
Pink Dreams
Blue Starburst
Soft and Lovely



Castle on the Loch - Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland
Out Fishin
The Royal Mile - Edinburgh, Scotland
The Aqueduct - Scotland
The Moors of York England
Going Home - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Stalker Castle - Highlands, Scotland
Wooly Cows - Scotland
Road to Glencoe--Scotland
Boat Reflections - Isle of Mull, Scotland
St Magnus Church, Orkney Islands, Scotland
Tobermory Magic - Isle of Mull, Scotland
Scotland Landscape
Field of Yellow - England
Waterfront - Isle of Mull, Scotland
Yellow Field - England
The Kelpies - Scotland
Old Man Storr - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Sunny Day - Edinburgh, Scotland
Wild Beach - Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
The Old Pier - Seaham, England
Wilderness - English Coast
Coastal Village - England
End of Land - John O
Rough Hiking - hiking out to Fingal Cave in Staffa, Scotland
Beautiful Hair! - a wooly cow in Scotland
Neist Lighthouse - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Coastal Village - England
Scottish countryside
The Hikers - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Village Church - England
Ross Fountain - looking up to the castle in Edinburgh, Scotland
Thatched Home - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Loch View - Scotland
Lews Castle - Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Remote Beach - Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland



Sun Sets Over the Arc de Triomphe-Paris
Senanque Abbey - Gordes, France
Forever a Gardener
Parisian Arcade
Confessional Chairs - Collegiate Notre-Dame Cathedral - Vernon, France
Break from Work - Vernon, France
The Vendor - Paris, France
Palais Royale - Paris, France
Paris Icon
The Ochres of Roussillon, France
Old Town - Rouen, France
Kitchen Window - Giverny, France
Sit Back Awhile - Jardin des Tuileries - Paris, France
View from Notre Dame - Paris, France
Flowers of Monet - Monet
Historical Beach - Normandy, France
The Bridge - Monet
The Archway - Monet
Waiting for the Metro - Paris, France
Louvre in Reflection
Lavendar Field - Provence, France
Country Cottage - Giverny, France
The Gardener - Early morning at Monet
The Old Bridge - Vernon, France
Mont St Michel at Sunset - France
Sunset Over the Louvre
The Butcher - Roussillon, France
Lavendar Fields Forever
The Merry-Go-Round - Paris, France
Serenity - A Private Garden in Normandy, France
Classroom Under the Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
View from the Bridge - Pont Alexandre III looking towards the Eiffel Tower - Paris
Early Morning Sailing Into Sete, France



Reflections of Venice
Residential Neighborhood - Venice, Italy
The Gondolier - Venice, Italy
Rainy Day on the Grand Canal - Venice, France
Colourful! - Burano, Italy
Walkways of Positano
Mighty Horses - Magnificent fountain in the Town Square of Siracusa, Italy
Hung Out to Dry - Burano, Italy
Building Reflection - Venice, Italy
Castle with a View - Castello di Venere in Erice, Italy
Cafe with a View - Amalfi Cathedral - Amalfi, Italy
The Piazza - Siracusa, Italy



Santorini Skies
The Windmill - Santorini in the Greek Islands
Charming! - Chania, Crete
Sea Sponges for Sale - Chania, Crete
Elegance - Bridge in Tromso, Norway
The Courtyard - Hvar, Croatia
Seaside Port - Ibiza, Spain
Picturesque - Bled Island on Lake Bled, Slovenia
White on White - Santorini, Greece
Arrival by Pletna - Bled Island on Lake Bled, Slovenia
Sunset Over Ibiza, Spain
The Woman - Santorini, Greece
The Market in Old Town - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Magnifique! - Bled Castle overlooking Lake Bled, Slovenia
Red Roof - Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Fishing Done for the Day - Gython, Greece
Blue Fantasy - Santorini, Greece
The Wash is Out - Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Portside - Valletta, Malta
Shapes and Patterns - Palm Cathedral in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
A Spot of Tea Please - Lovely little cafe in Kas, Greece
Lunch is Ready - Octopus on the line at a cafe in Gythion, Greece
All That Gold! - St John
Cliffside Living - Menorca, Spain



Little House on the Pairie - Manitoba, Canada
Mighty Falls - Niagara Falls
Thunderous - Niagara Falls
Totem - Jasper, Canada
Travelling East - Canadian Rockies
Mountains of Canada
Mountains of Canada 2
Fields - Manitoba, Canada
Butchart Gardens - Victoria, Canada
YUMMY! - Farmer
Reflective - Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
YUMMY 2 - Farmer
Evening Light - San Diego, CA
Mission Garden - San Juan Capistrano, CA
Late Afternoon - Long Beach, CA
The Famous Strip - Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas



The Old Man - Myanmar
Wonderful Smile - Namibia
The Young Monk - Myanmar
Best Friends - Cambodia
A Father
One Too Many - Vietnam
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Face of an Angel - France
The Tango Dancer - Buenos Aires
Musicians - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Wash Day on the River - Cambodia
Masi Masi - Kenya
Beautiful Lass - Iceland
Forlourn - Vietnam
Boy in the Window - Cambodia
Smoking Cheroot - Myanmar
Pretty in Pink - Singapore
Waving Bye - Scotland
Busker - Ibiza, Spain
The Soldier - Great Wall of China
The Goatherder
Street Painter - St Tropez, France
Street Food - Hong Kong
Hello! - Myanmar
Lunchtime - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Contemplation - France
The Ice Cream Maker - Turkey



Boot Garden
Chilean Whistles
Beautiful Chocolate
The Metro
Street Food
Chairs and Chairs
Umbrella Sky
Pots for Sale
A Tisket, A Tasket
Lighting the Way
Lobster Boats
Fresh Lobster
Piano Stairs
Crepe Heaven
Colourful Seeds
Rambutan Delight
All Lined Up
Easy Transport
Chain, Chain, Chain
Statue in Silhouette
Perfect Picnic
The Brushes
The BIG Chair


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