Unique Photobook Design and Photographic Treats

Look for something DIFFERENT!

Whenever you take a picture of something "famous", you find that there are thousands of similar images out there. Instead of taking that "stock" photograph, look for a different angle or different approach.

Here's an example. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed structures in the world. Most images would look something like this:


And, it's fine to take that iconic shot.

The interesting thing to do is look for a different shot, something that stands out. In this first photograph, I found a bed of flowers to frame the Eiffel Tower. It adds more interest and dimension.


But, I walked off the tourist walkways and stumbled on to this group of students having a picnic. Suddenly, I had local interest with the Tower in the background. As you can note, it also creates an interesting angle on the tower itself


And, finally, an interesting shot which includes the merry-go-round and Eiffel Tower



Straighten EVERY Image that is Crooked

It's a VERY common problem …. photographs with a crooked horizon. It's SO easy to fix with no special photo editing software that it's amazing how many pictures are NOT straightened! It can be extremely distracting and really downgrades the look of your photo book! Take a few minutes and STRAIGHTEN THOSE PHOTOS!!!

hotel crooked-squashed

hotel straight-squashed

inle crooked-squashed

inle straight-squashed

Cropping to Enhance Photo

When putting your book together, have a good look at your photographs. Many are enhanced by cropping. It can be to get rid of extraneous objects or just to make the photo more dramatic. Don't worry about keeping a photo in a certain "shape". Sometimes interesting crops add a dramatic feel to the page!

Here are just a few examples of "before and after"

boats lined-squashed

boats lined crop-squashed


man cropped-squashed


kids cropped-squashed

Close-ups Matter

Visiting places where things are made? Okay, you took a picture of the person making the item. Did you remember to take a picture of the finished item or how it is displayed? That adds to the story.




weaver copy-squashed


Personalize for Various members in the group

Travelling with friends? There's an easy way to create a special photo book for each individual (or family) without totally re-doing each book. At a given landmark(s), take individual pictures of each traveller. That picture can easily be slotted in for their "personal" copy of the book. That picture can also be used as the front inside page with their name.